Base so its cladding.

All sorts of materials are consumed in favor of the cladding of the basement of construction. Very often, the cladding is performed by plaster, or stone. In the current service, both alternatives of the cladding of the basement will be discussed. Very often, when decorating, the owner is striving to save money in order to cost “for inexpensive and beautiful”. Nevertheless, it is important to take note that an inexpensive finish is often not so beautiful finish. Since it talks about the plaster of the basement, then it clears up to receive authoritative plaster.

It’s not bad in favor of external work that you need to decorate the plaster. Similar plaster, in the power to be carried out with the additions of plasticizers, as a result of this, it will be strong to injuries and moisture. Plaster will not be burned out, restrained. And also, with the help of similar plaster, it is quite possible to simulate all kinds of facing materials, like a stone or brick. It is possible to no less than a penny option, by which means to fill a low floor with natural, or artificial origin with a stone.

Finishing works are also produced, for example, cladding of a basement of a lamelon from leemesite and sandstone is recognized as a rather healthy option. The stone is durable and resistant to temperature transformations. In the power to be used in favor of lining of fragmentation, crimson sandstone. A similar stone looks like fragmentation plates that have a continuous thickness. The stone has a smooth, uneven surface, which looks rather original. Firing the stone in special prints achieve terraciously – red color, and increase the strength of the material.

In connection with which the stone is launched in the facade finish? The strength of the material, resistance to all kinds of chemical elements, and also the fact that it does not restrain the smells and is successfully washed, made a stone decoration of the facade similarly popularity. The stone is used not only in the decoration of the facade outside, how, nevertheless, textured plaster. Stone finishes have every chance of subjecting to interiors and facades as well as fireplaces, low foundations, garden paths, zones in favor of their steps, entrance platforms and pedestrian areas.

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